March 30, 2018

Monochrome ink paintings...

Hello, new painting technics here with my students again.
Monochrome ink (Sennelier) studies of market views. I found it fast to paint with, easy to get darks with the colors I used here (Sepia and Bistre). I mean it's faster to build up values with these than with watercolors which tend to fade when dry.
I try to transmit the notion of less details, or to chose what captures them most. So squint your eyes for seeing masses, shapes only. Put in the main ones on the paper with graphite, or felt pen if you like in the same color as the ink. Then start painting the bigger shapes or those that will lead you to a start result the quickest, dont begin with details like every fruit or vegetable, you will have to simplify them all. I paint directly, like if I'm drawing. I try to get the value of each wash right, or as close as possible overlaying is fine but not everywhere, clean and spontaneous washes look nice, just as shapes done with confidence.
Don't worry about the result, it will come with more practice. If your result looks clumsy it could be because of your worn out brush, or maybe it's size, shape or quality of fibers. Points and edges should be sharp in that case. You can use the worn out ones for rougher effects. If you feel lost with what you see it's because you might not draw regularly enough. Drawing sharpens comprehension of our vision.

March 22, 2018

March 16, 2018

Figure drawing from last session...

Drawing from last figure session nearby where I live. I really enjoy these sessions so convenient close  to home and peaceful groups of people. Here is a fifteen minute pose. 

Break is over...

This was a long break from my blog and my apologies for this to those who like to check out news around here. In the beginning of the year my son had some health issues I had to take care of and it took a lot of my then restless mind, and my time. Then we were taking off to Vietnam mid February so the whole month including preparations and all just flew away. I thought I could manage to paint a little during the trip, but that was just not possible due to the schedules we had to keep up to and visiting family and so + get sick as genuine tourists etc. I also managed to get ill the week before take off and as a nice surprise also when coming back on top of the jet lag. I hope it's over for a moment soon.
Now I long for spring and peace of mind without troubles. 
Hopefully it will get calmer to work from now onward, but anything could pop up as that's how life goes. Taking care of a blog takes time so when time is missing this is where I have to reduce my attention sadly enough. I will do my best to keep it going from now on. I find it easier to show work on Instagram, therefore it tends to be updated more regularly as it's so much faster to do so. If of any interests to you just know.
Anyway, here is a peace I did last autumn, a composition of seashells in graphite. Hope you like it...
"A très bientôt"

January 30, 2018

Happy to share my renewed collaboration with OKL...

I'm happy to announce my new collaboration with One Kings New reproductions of my later works will come up soon, until then these are available. If you want to take a look check out with my name in their browser, (or click here:öm). 

December 29, 2017

"Lemon tree"...

The paper of this watercolor is Fabriano cream colored paper, my picture is much too cool in the background. (dimensions 50x53com)

December 27, 2017

Tree studies for students...

Banana tree studies with students. Topic is trees in general, for me it seems so much easier to paint exotic trees than trees from the northern latitudes. :) I have observed banana trees in my life, walking to school and I loved their green colors in the many times more brownish landscapes in general of Spain. I do like those too today, but then I always longed for green. I longed for Swedish spring green and all the beauty of it, in company of grandparents. Today I long for most everything and everyone, the days after Christmas are the most grey of the year I believe, in spirit and environment (no snow here). A Christmas break is good but it's even better when you go into routine again beginning the year, with new hopes and projects.