April 30, 2011

Figure drawing sessions... (25)

Todays work in figure drawing turned out inspiring and it helped me to try to get in confidence again, as I've felt a little lost in with drawing lately and without being able to keep concentrated and inspired. Here the model was nice and professional and the light conditions good which makes the whole thing much easier, and I really like to draw when the model is dressed too. 
I thank Tom, who make this possible, for accepting me in his drawings sessions!
The poses here were 20 and 10 minutes. 
I'm sorry for the bad quality of the images, the drawings are too big to fit in my A4 scan and the result isn't so good then. 

April 29, 2011

My Moleskine today… (22)

This morning I decided to continue my drawing sessions in the café to get into the habit to draw anywhere and anything again... it also gives me some kind of new inspirations drawing people I was loosing in the nude drawing sessions lately. But I know it's quite easy to get it back this way, so I'll see what comes out my effort *. I should call this another "Good habit".

* Drawing isn't an effort, but changing or adopting new habits might be. 

April 28, 2011

April 26, 2011

Engraving of a pine cone... (6)

A week or two later, one plate finished...

As my engravings are slow to finish I always feel tempted to start a new one,... this is the last one. Now I have another one to finish!! I want to try to get some whites back in it and that's a long procedure!
Today I polished one plate after correction and it took like over an hour and I'm was told it might take another three hours to get a neat copper surface again. Rembrandt must have been a patient person, but did he do the long corrections himself? I wonder. He might have had people preparing his work for him. : )

April 24, 2011

Easter week-end...

A "première" for me in Normandie this easter week-end was to try to draw and paint some landscapes. The watercolors didn't turn out very well, it got all messed up. Usually I just tell myself I "should" paint when I'm in Normandie, but I never get so far. When weather is nice we do other things or time is too short. So, as I said, it was the first time I it turned out a little difficult as the landscape is flat and too green already. Spring has developed greens far too fast this year, global warming is for real with 27 C° at least lately! However it did me good and I'm happy to at last have tried... 

April 19, 2011

How old can it be?

I usually don't put pictures here but this olive tree was just amazing in size and shape so I just got to show you!! How old can this tree be? Must be several hundred years old?! Can anyone tell me? Maybe Matteo?
I let my son, Alix (150cm tall), stand beside to get the notion of size right...

April 18, 2011

My Moleskine in Salento...

After driving from the Adriatic coast to the Mediterranean coast we stopped for a rest on a, for what it looked like, preserved beach. Time enough to get down on paper the shadows on the walls of this wood house in the beach. Would have loved to draw more of those, but it will have to be next time...

Fig tree studies...

Just back from a week vacation spend in the region of Salento, in southern Italy. This time of the year there isn't much to do there, no more than drawing trees and flowers! The region wasn't what I imagined but it turned out to be very nice and restful anyway. The villages up north are supposed to be really nice but that turned out to be to far even by car. Salento is a rural region with endless olive plantations, the villages are very simple and most of the time nowhere to eat or drink anything and everything seemed more or less abandoned* every time we drove through a village. Once we ended up having a sandwich, three hours after lunch and on a gas station as there where nowhere else to eat! That's when we decided to explore smaller areas by bike, which was a really nice choice to discover the nature and smaller nearby villages. The habitants we got the chance to talk to turned out to be nice, curious and happy to share, although the first impression could be the contrary sometimes. As we are used to Parisians, who are not known to be very nice, we get always surprised to met nice people everywhere else. 
In summertime loads of tourists come to south Italy for bathing in the sea, and the coast villages are then turned into life again. But I prefer it folk less like this I think. 
Here are some fig tree drawings, unfinished though, as I was attacked by billions of mosquitos and ants and spiders where on every inch around me... My son screamed that I should evacuate because of the huge spiders on him and me! Yes, fields of flowers look so sweet and nice from a distance, but when you're sitting in them the impression is not the same (lol!).
*(I now know the habitants actually are behind those shut doors and window panes, as I could hear voices from in there. They don't seem to like the light or the sun! I actually started reading a book yesterday about a story from the region, and in the first pages it says that people think the sun and heat drives you crazy when you're exposed to it. It might explain the closed up houses. he he) 

April 06, 2011

April 05, 2011

Engravings... (5)

It has been a while since last time I mentioned my attempts with engravings. I work on it, I work on it... It doesn't advance in high speed I confirm that it turns out to be quite a slow technic. 
I did the two small here above yesterday and I'm supposed to continue the middle one, it needs more definition and contrast in some parts. 
The bigger one is not finished yet and I've worked on it like for too long!! I started with etching technique (with varnish and acid on the plate) but that's just so complicated and i feel for now that I don't have the energy to take all the technic and theory that goes with it, plus a new way of thinking while creating the image. So I decided not to worry about it and just continue to engrave, with dry point, as that's what I wanted to do from the beginning. Engraving with dry point is like drawing for me and a logical way to continue working in the same mood as I do when I draw. 
But we should never say "never again" and there are etchings that I find nice and interesting, so when I feel ready I might try it again.

April 04, 2011

Plant drawings... (3)

Don't know if a should call this a "plant drawing" but for me it could, specially as I don't under what other name I should put it. These two specimens are also from Central Park. Although I've seen pine cones like the big one around here too, but it get a special meaning when we bring our findings from our journeys, back home. It has to do with the moment and where we found it, the memory of that moment stays in the object. Yes, it could be called a "souvenir", but this kind of souvenir is "richer" of memories than the ones we usually can buy in a shop (those make me sick!).
Apart from that, if I continue to draw plants I'll automatically get more curious about their names and other specifications...