December 25, 2012

December 07, 2012

Human figure studies in watercolor...

The same weekly session today, three hours of poses between five and twenty minutes. I've noticed that if I put some "speedy" music I work faster. : ) I'm not sure I should follow the music though, the best would certainly bee to have silence in the room, without the need to isolate oneself with music, and then only "listen" to the impressions the subjects gives us. 

December 02, 2012

Figure drawings in my Moleskine...

Recent pages out of my Moleskine, done during last figure drawing session... 
It felt good to change support and medium, as suddenly watercolor and pencil didn't feel right when the model took her poses in the beginning of the session. I decided to concentrate on composition on these double pages and I'm happy how these turned out. I prefer the double page on the top, where the eye wonders around and discovers things at a second look. 
I didn't work in my Moleskine  since a while. As I got "mad at me and my Moleskine" a while ago. Too many unsatisfying results, not managing to make better, had made me stop bringing it around in my bag. Of course the envy ends coming back, and now I feel it's time to keep it with me again. It appears to be an overall state, I feel happier in general and the envy to work comes as a gift on top of it. 

Human figure sketch and resolutions...

Lately I'm voluntary sticking to a "realistic" rendering like this, while keeping washes loose. 
If I ask myself what kind of drawings I prefer doing right now, the answer is the ones I've been doing lately.
I better do what gives me a maximum of pleasure for some time, just to experiment and see what happens. Well, I do that most of the time, but always with the idea somewhere in my head that I should keep searching for something else. I will now stop searching for  a while, and "just do it", the way it feels natural at the moment.
This doesn't mean I shouldn't have goals, I only want to lighten the pressure for a while, as it felt like it blocked me. 
This "treat" to myself makes feel happier and calmer. It gives me a renewed pleasure when drawing, without other interfering feelings. 

November 28, 2012

Fruit studies...

I'm asked to put up some sphere drawings. As they are completely associated to these fruit sketches and and done for the "sphere and fruit lesson" that I gave to my students, I ad them here, today, much later as 27 of March 2013. 
Funny that I talk about "sunny fruits" below, I remember I felt for sun and ripe fruits back then, in november! A strange year we got to cope with! No warmth yet and only little sun!! It never happened since I'm living in France (86) that a winter was as cold and ugly as this one. Well, I hope it can't last for ages, even if we can get a short spring and a lousy summer. I wish for the best! 
Hope you all get a nice coming season too! 

These feel quite "sunny" in this typically november weather! Good that some fruits are ripe this time a year! Even though they are not always as tasty as the should, at least not in France. The other day I saw some oranges from Australia in my grocery store nearby, isn't THAT absurd?! What happened to the fruit trees in Europe? This global living and warming will hit us when it's too late, and for many it is already. 

Lately I do these kind of basic studies for a few students of mine. I can feel it does me good too! I have to pay attention to; what's happening on the paper, at what moment, with how much water and color, ... to be able to transmit it in words.

November 15, 2012

Figures in watercolor and conclusions today...

Lots of thinking about process and result most of the time... trying to do better everyday... one step at a time... little by little. I might one day produce something that feels 100% like my own, hopefully.
An odd feeling today, the feeling that we learn a lot from our errors. I mean much more than we really think. These are quick sketches. I'm quite happy with the session and the result, specially as I've been feeling this autumn that progress is slow. And many times I end up saying to myself "this is how I DON'T want to paint". So, today I kept my last days errors in mind. And it felt like it worked. My conclusion is also that we don't obtain anything difficult without firm determination, and we need a special way of active thinking, it all under a great concentration. 
I finally got something out of my efforts! This might all be very personal, and maybe YOU don't like the result, but that doesn't matter much, as we are only doing sincere work listening to ourselves, not trying to please others. We can only produce original work, when obeying our nature. And I'm only sorting out what my nature is since I started drawing and painting, it takes time and efforts working hard, but it's worth it!

Some of these are painted on my beloved "top-paper" I just got a few sheets left of it, and actually using it today reminded me again how wonderfully it reacts! (It's not that I like hurting myself, I just thought I should use the few sheet left) But! I also tried out a "new" drawing paper, which I had bought for drawing, but finally it felt fine to paint on! And which might get better after testing it a bit more. The two "sitting men", here above, are done on it; a Sennelier paper, 200gr, fine grain, for sketching and painting with water soluble paint.
I have a bunch of blocks and papers I should use up at home. Findings might come through with old paper blocks, and without spending time and money searching more new stuff!

October 30, 2012

Skyscape painting...

Skyscape I
(39x22cm on Rives BFK paper)

Another primary color skyscape...

At first felt skeptical about the result but finally I like the few very white tops of the clouds and the feeling of perspective at the far end... made during lesson with my students to show one possibility out of billions.

October 20, 2012

Figures and more figures...

I managed to do a figure drawing session yesterday, but I forgot to bring my brushes. I had left them on the table at home. I got to stick to pencil sketches. This session I go to now, is only with quite short poses, that's what I prefer when drawing small.
In my new drawing lesson, I'm told to leave out the shadows... and the faces... I'm going to explore that but it's still too tempting to mark them when nobody is around watching. My line alone is supposed to give the three dimensional volume. It should do that anyway, in any case. Even though I then could wonder why stick to that old fashioned rule? Maybe it's more interesting to do a really flat line? I'll think about that option, anything is worth a try.

October 15, 2012

My Moleskine today...

I had an appointment near Musée Guimet this morning, and I decided to make the most out of this monday morning. The national museum of Asian arts has a beautiful collection, I'll just have to go back there and bring something to sit on, so many inspiring objects to draw...

October 12, 2012

Figure drawing session today...

Quick sketches of today while I was working in a new way of drawing... at least in my head, I'm not sure it shows yet though. It might be a longer process so I hope it will notice in some time, if I manage to continue this direction.
I would have liked to use more color on the drawing with the man, but time was out, session over, so I had to stop. I think it's fine to have lines of pencil showing when the watercolor is light or loosely rendered as many times with watercolor sketches.

October 08, 2012

My watercolor sketchbook...

Told myself to do small but regular watercolors again, in the sketchbook I prefer. I have to find this paper in bigger sheets. I'll definitely start a new research, the same I abandoned a few months ago. 

October 06, 2012

My Moleskine today...

I'll have to bring my Moleskine along more frequently again... for the fun of it.
Even though my new teacher in drawing (with figure) thinks that "all figurative art and perspectives have no reasons to exist nowadays. It's supposed to be over". This is normal we are in France, where they think the profound knowledge of drawing is of no use. I like figurative art and I think it should live along with the abstract art. There is no reason they shouldn't.
Figurative art focuses more on what surrounds us, while the abstract art expresses the artist mostly. Even if he might be in connection with what he's watching, it's more "his art and himself" he ends up showing. Rather that telling things about others or about his environment he talks about himself. Of course this is just one idea of it and the borders and lines are thin between the two.
I like abstract art too, just believe they can live side by side.
Well, for me there are still things to discover in figurative art... I might go abstract after that.

Now, 10th of october, after another session with my new teacher... I'm already convinced that his teaching will modify my way of drawing. Part of what he says I've experienced already... I just have to use it in another way. But I still believe it's a little silly to say that figurative expression, perspectives and shadow indications are not of this era. I'm sure all is not said about those points either. Everything hasn't been told in all ways possible yet! That's nonsense. It has just been a hundred years, a little more, since art started it's "revolution". So, let's invent new stuff!! Well, I let you all help me to do so, as my evolution might be a little slow.

October 04, 2012

Watercolor and good news...

This is a watercolor I did for a "special occasion" a few weeks ago...
I just got the news it passed the first selection for an exhibition; "II Bienal international de nuevas técnicas en acuarela" of Caudete, Spain.
It's painted on a sheet of "polypropylène", it's named Lanavanguard of the brand Lana.
Now I just have to wait and see what happens next... and forget about it until then.

September 28, 2012

A week without drawing...

Almost a week has gone without drawing. What conforts me is that I still miss it still every time there is a too long break!
The last session was an intensive one, hard work, but nothing much of new or interesting came up. Only the thought that I should draw really seriously this winter. Draw and paint should be an everyday goal, I red this advise the other day. It's the only way to get it YOUR way. I know it so well already, but lately it has been difficult to make it an action, more than usual.
To know something, like this, and have the feeling to adhere to it, but still don't do it...!! How can that be?
As I have other things I have achieved, I don't feel so frustrated. It feels more like; "Now it's time to start"! Home many times haven't I told myself that? Maybe I should say; "time to continue", it sounds better and feels better. : )

September 10, 2012

One session, three ways...

Many things dictates what comes out when I paint a figure... 
I prefer when it all goes quite fast. The first sight on the subject, creates an image in my mind. Quick lines on the paper confirm that image. The light and shadows make the volume stand out with their contrast. Contrast also in the hues - cool and warm colors search balance. The spots on the paper dictate what follows next each time, something goes wrong or doesn't fit; I paint it over to adjust it... sometimes it works, other times it doesn't. Not a big deal. Surprises can appear, whatever it is, I have to keep it or paint over it. I continue to work until I see some kind of interest in what's on the sheet of paper. I try not to give up too easily and also to let things happen, perseverence helps. 
With watercolor I also find that the paper decides an awful lot! I have difficulty to find the one that suites me best. I'll continue my research for the perfect paper. For sketches I prefer when the pigment stays in the surface, on drawing paper it does, but it's too thin most of the times and not really adapted to watercolor. I had a paper I liked... I'm using up the last sheets here soon, they have changed the production of it, now it has nothing to do with the same pack last year! Very disturbing for me! 

Watercolor of today...

September 03, 2012

Studies from Bretagne...

A few studies from Bretagne... The middle one is done earlier this year, then in july I returned to the same spot, on the beach of St Briac, to continue. 
Trees can be tricky to draw and paint, and I'm not quite satisfied with the watercolor ones here. I didn't paint the watercolor on sight, which means it can complicate things when I feel "lost", or don't know how to do something, or suddenly don't "feel" how to do it. When I only have my sketch and my memories as reference. But never mind for this one, I'll try to do better next time...