December 25, 2012

December 07, 2012

Human figure studies in watercolor...

The same weekly session today, three hours of poses between five and twenty minutes. I've noticed that if I put some "speedy" music I work faster. : ) I'm not sure I should follow the music though, the best would certainly bee to have silence in the room, without the need to isolate oneself with music, and then only "listen" to the impressions the subjects gives us. 

December 02, 2012

Figure drawings in my Moleskine...

Recent pages out of my Moleskine, done during last figure drawing session... 
It felt good to change support and medium, as suddenly watercolor and pencil didn't feel right when the model took her poses in the beginning of the session. I decided to concentrate on composition on these double pages and I'm happy how these turned out. I prefer the double page on the top, where the eye wonders around and discovers things at a second look. 
I didn't work in my Moleskine  since a while. As I got "mad at me and my Moleskine" a while ago. Too many unsatisfying results, not managing to make better, had made me stop bringing it around in my bag. Of course the envy ends coming back, and now I feel it's time to keep it with me again. It appears to be an overall state, I feel happier in general and the envy to work comes as a gift on top of it. 

Human figure sketch and resolutions...

Lately I'm voluntary sticking to a "realistic" rendering like this, while keeping washes loose. 
If I ask myself what kind of drawings I prefer doing right now, the answer is the ones I've been doing lately.
I better do what gives me a maximum of pleasure for some time, just to experiment and see what happens. Well, I do that most of the time, but always with the idea somewhere in my head that I should keep searching for something else. I will now stop searching for  a while, and "just do it", the way it feels natural at the moment.
This doesn't mean I shouldn't have goals, I only want to lighten the pressure for a while, as it felt like it blocked me. 
This "treat" to myself makes feel happier and calmer. It gives me a renewed pleasure when drawing, without other interfering feelings.