July 19, 2013

Playing with stones...

I like to paint on this "Moulin le Coq" paper, sadly enough it comes only in postcard size. 
Maybe I should paint some postcards this summer, with the only condition in mind make them look like anything else than postcards. 

July 18, 2013

Thank you...

I would like to express my thanks to Annemique de Kroon, editor of Naturelle, for the publication about me and my work.
I invite you to take a look and to read this nice, free on-line, web magazine :


July 09, 2013

"Take off"...

This is my "warming up" before "take of" for a week in the south of France... 
A bit in a hurry today, but I've been trying this Fabriano sketchbook I found in one of my drawers while choosing what to bring along. 
I'll bring this one and a some other stuff to see if I can fill up a few pages. I'll try at least to do small sketches or samples. It will for sure be very hot down there, so I better work fast ! : )